M Howson

 The Principle Of Chance


★★★★★ Fantastic book

Brilliant read, combining two completely different worlds really captures your interest and imagination.

Highly recommend this author and her book!


The Principle Of Chance ~ Synopsis


 Frank Orban emigrates from Hungary to America in 1937 to escape the political pressure in Europe.

More than sixty years later, Frank is a powerful man in the Hollywood movie business. 

Amy Ronay is a Los Angeles lawyer, she knows what she wants out of life,

but what Amy doesn't know is her father’s secret past, a discovery which will transform her life. 

Justin Blakes is a successful music producer.

Justin’s life is a ‘safe house’, without girlfriends,complicated relationships and without problems. 

Justin’s sister Monica, a smart and sexy, Hollywood film director.

Her life is her work, but she struggles to keep her personal life in control. 

Jack Harvey, a silver screen legend loves Hollywood blondes.

He enjoys the easy life and when not on a ‘hot girl’ date, he spends his time in the company of

his best friend Frank, remembering Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Beneath his carefree exterior, Jack hides a vulnerability… 

The five people will take a trip from sunny Hollywood to beautiful Hungary

and embark on an entirely different journey than they first imagined.


★★★★★ Fantastic Read

 Absolutely loved it, I love when authors make you feel like you are there! Can't recommend it highly enough, a page turner for sure.